• Days pass slowly as I await that lethal pain.
    It haunts my soul so painfully.
    Breaking me in two as I live in this illusion.
    The hollowness of my soul can never be filled.
    Darkness consumes me steadily but surely.
    My hands reach out trying to grasp a different reality.
    Running from my own hoping to escape it's dreaded pain.
    The fire of my soul has slowly extinguished.
    Fears and toils trouble my already heavy burdened soul.
    Screams pierce my ears in splitting pain as my crimson tears stain my face.
    These demons of emotional death rip my heart apart.
    Muted are my screams that look from my cold hard soul.
    As I lose all happiness inside.
    For I can not escape this reality.
    This damned reality of mine.