• mIsS
    I cry myself to sleep at night because your not there
    Not laying beside me, breathing softly in my ear
    I feel so safe curled up in your arms
    All I feel now is cold and alone

    I break down during the long day
    Hiding in the corner pretending that its nothing
    When its just because of you so many miles away
    That make those tears run down my face

    The smell of the cigarette on your breathe
    Is something I really miss
    Also sitting by your side and driving around
    Just listing to the country station

    I love your laugh and your smile
    I just want to see it now
    The numbers on the clock say 2am
    Loneliness chasing away my peace

    The gold in my eyes have washed away
    And replaced with the dull grey
    I miss you more with each day
    When I see that the moon won't stay