• On Halloween Night,
    be prepared for a fright.
    For on October Thirty First,
    you'll be the victim of a vampire's thirst.

    Ghouls will rise,
    to bring your demise.
    Zombies will feed,
    this warning ye should heed.

    Ghosts and Goblins messing with your head,
    only to see your face when your dead.
    The only way to hide,
    is to act as though you died.

    Vampires will drink,
    to hear you scream like a mink.
    Wolves will howl at the moon,
    to signal your impending doom.

    On this night,
    witches will take flight.
    Creatures in your nightmares
    will appear so you'd best beware.

    Creatures of all kinds will show,
    so don't fright over a crow.
    In the darkness there will be much to fear,
    so remember to fear whatever you hear.