• To speak to the one i love,
    Is an impossible task.
    My heart is full of words.
    Even in eternity I couldn't express.

    I wish I could speak to you,
    But alas I can only talk.
    This is my deepest curse.

    I have no tongue of my own,
    I just borrow it from others.
    Playwrights, Poets, and Artists,
    From Shakespeare to Poe,
    None can describe the way I feel.
    At least not enough.

    You say you heard my voice,
    But it is only my mouth moving.
    My tongue is silent,
    For I used other tongues.

    My own voice is lost to me.
    Will you love me,
    If you never hear my voice,
    See my love,
    Share my hopes?

    How then could I get you,
    To understand how I feel,
    About the way you laugh,
    And cry?

    If I can't speak,
    Could you love me?