• Alchemy, a myth since the ages of WWII
    Is just as mythical as the witches in the early 1600’s
    The question on everyone’s mind today is
    “What is the study of alchemy itself?”

    The answer to that question is very simple
    It is advanced chemistry , but with costs on the line
    The price you pay is very crucial
    From a piece of scrap metal, to your own life

    Alchemy is only simple circles to the human eye
    But the logic behind those circles is just the beginning
    The key element to a simple circle
    Is the focus and detail you put inside the circle

    Alchemy is a tool that is underestimated
    In all aspects that are possible
    People do not realize the consequences
    Once they take their first step into this mad culture

    The simplest circles are the first steps
    To a life full of unprecedented power
    And the powers that flow through your body
    Will stay locked like the iron mask upon the man’s face

    The philosophy of the advanced chemistry
    Is a secret society of evil minds and massacred minds
    Their destiny is as nothing as fiction and lies
    As the alchemists that strive to live, die like animals

    Alchemy is cruel and full of despair
    And only few can control their temptations
    To kill and kill for riches galore
    And power to control and rule with an iron fist

    Alchemy is a monster, a fiend
    That destroys the lives of fools
    Maybe the title of this inscription should be
    Alchemy: True Murder

    Christopher B. Jarvis II