• Oh daunting memories of
    a time not so long ago,
    why must you return to
    plague my mind with your wrath?

    I had been fine, for a time anyways,
    but now you have returned
    and have casted the shadow of
    doubt over my mind once more.
    Curse you, you horrible thoughts.

    Begone at once, I beg of thee.
    I do not wish to be tormented by
    your horrors any longer.
    I continually question myself
    and those around me because of you.

    You are making me miserable.
    You are making me think things
    I should never have begun
    thinking in the first place!

    You torture me for days on end,
    leaving me to always question
    those whom I have trusted
    for so long, and I despise it.

    You have been, and will continue
    to be, nothing but trouble for me.
    Why can't you memories just leave me be?
    Why is it that you can't seem
    to allow me to simply enjoy
    myself the way I want to?

    You are horrible thoughts that I
    despise having ever conceived.
    I want you to leave my mind
    and move past me... please...