• I can’t imagine,

    I couldn’t pretend

    That we’d ever be friends again.

    It’s more awkward,

    The wounds still fresh,

    My heart is put to the test.

    My mind screams,

    My spirit dies,

    I can’t keep living...

    Loveless lies.

    Please take this love,

    And put it out,

    Before I’m filled

    With so much doubt

    That I can’t function,

    That I can’t lie.

    I guess I’m not the girl,

    You’ll love until you die.


    I wish and wish,

    And wish some more,

    That I could say,

    "I hate you more!"

    But how could I say,

    I hate you at all,

    When you’ve caught me more times

    Than I could fall.

    And dealing with clumsy me,

    You’d almost think there’d be a fee.

    Well I was right,

    And I’ve paid you twice,

    I just hope that

    Broken hearts and

    Shattered souls...

    Will suffice.