• The Dark

    the clock strikes midnight
    does it mean the beginning of a new day
    or the end of an old on
    none can truely say

    i stand here alone in the shadows
    no one notices me and soon i will fade away
    i think of reaching out maybe giving a shout
    but i decide it pointless there's no one who cares what i say

    the darkness seems to be inviting
    i turn to it and wonder
    is there more beyond it
    i then decide this darkness i will wander

    the world fades as i go in deeper
    i feel cold and alone but i do not shed a tear
    i wander the depths not knowing what is there
    but i walk it's shadows with out fear

    i am now in the deepest darkness
    i look around and inky blackness is all i see
    did i become enslaved to the darkness
    or prehaps from the world now i am free

    my story end here
    i wander the darkness now for eternity
    but i leave one last request
    will you come for me