• CHORUS:I really like him, with all of my might
    if i woulda had him, i woulda held on tight
    my best friend asked him if he liked me
    he said no, as a friend only
    i told her it was ok
    but inside i didnt feel that way
    i like him so much and i see him everyday at school
    now my heart is broken, and i feel like a fool

    when i look into his eyes
    they are no longer starry skies
    i still like him with my whole heart
    even though he doesnt like me, its still a start


    hes cute smart funny and kind
    i want him to be all mine
    i think about him every day
    i like him, and wish he'd feel the same way
    i smile at him and he doesnt see
    all the lovely thoughts inside of me

    i like him with all my might
    i hope i can get this love thing right
    maybe, just maybe someday
    he'll finally feel the same way
    i guess i will be alright
    i wont let him go without a fight