• strangers to lovers

    We started of as strangers and then became friends
    You have tried to court me but I rejected your offer
    Because I, my self didn’t know what is your intension then?
    It’s just that that I don’t want to get hurt like before

    Days have passed and you still seek my answer
    But I can’t accept you yet coz you are still a stranger
    You felt disappointment and I felt guiltness in me
    Because everything is just to fast and it’s driving me crazy

    Then one day a scene just occurred in the room
    And it so happened that you are one of the person involved
    But you don’t know what and where the prob. came from
    But a person like you won’t start any trouble
    (Coz I know you have a heart of gold)

    Then that’s the time I saw the beauty in you
    Coz you just showed how mature you have grown into (tama b?)
    Then at that exact day and exact time we have been close
    And try to do sweet talk while nobody knows

    We tried to fool everyone with our act and pretending
    Hoping that it would be everlasting
    But I know that this pretending is all there is
    And it hurts so much just to know I’m the 2nd in your list

    Days have passed and I still hide this feeling of mine
    Because I know I’m just one of the persons who is next in line
    But being w/ u is already a satisfaction for me
    Coz I have no plans of breaking your relationship intentionally

    Then one day a lady came in the room and says she likes me
    And you were there claiming that I’m yours
    I was shock and happy of just what I see
    I don’t have any Idea it is I, who you adore

    At that night you confess your love to me
    But this time your entirely serious and being greedy (lolz jokes lng)
    We talk and argue for a while
    But I can’t see you like that; I would do anything just to see you smile

    Then at that moment I also realize something
    I don’t just want you, I need you
    I was certain that you are my everything
    Coz I know when your in love you are true

    And even though we are far away from each other
    I know someday will be together
    Coz I know distance matters not
    It’s the heart that matters a lot