• why me ? just tell me again" she said crying books in hand watching his every move
    "its not you. Its......." he said looking at the pettite blonde smilling talkign to some friends
    "oh so its stacy huh! you choose her over me . i mean really?" she said
    "mealody no. i -" he tried she cut him off
    "no never ever will i be hurt again! you can try but you will NOT suceed." she said walking away. she stopped at the vending machine and got a coke. waking over to stacy she shook it and stood next to stacy
    "umm stacy?" she asked
    "yes?!" stacy replied starring at her with huge blue eyes
    "this!" she said as she opened the coke and poured it all over stacy
    "ehhhh maaaa GAWWDDDD!!!" stacy screamed
    mealody left happliy walking leaving everything behind