• Beauty cascades from the wings of the phoenix,
    Everyone in its reach bending on their knees,
    No one can see the truth of the action,
    It's determination of taking what they need.

    Wonder flutters from the mouths of the people,
    Flying around like butterflies at the first sign of spring,
    The jackal watches from the shadows in the corner,
    The phoenix an anchor waiting for the flames.

    Amazement of magic that swoops though the crowd,
    Changing their lives with the awe they endure,
    The pot goes around, money slipping in,
    The jackal laughing as his bidding begins.

    Excited danger calling "What's about to come?"
    When the lights go down and the music is changed,
    The squawking crows softly land on the stage,
    Their master appearing earning its screams.

    Bewildered confusion when the banshee escapes,
    Her laughs a mere slice of the lies in her heart,
    Twisting the people into believing her life,
    While the jackal smiles at the beautiful sight.

    Love descending when the Succubus leapt to the stage,
    The slightest feeling of anger trying to break the show,
    The Siren steps in bringing an assistant in her wake,
    It unknown to the people she was one of them once.