• i heard about your suicide attempt, how you felt un useful. and empty inside, your sister had found you with the rope and chair about to cross the line that can never go back on. To this day your still alive, but have that sorrow buryed deep in your heart. But you wont let it go. Even though i wasent there, i want you to know that im here now. and will always be here. your my close friend, my best friends brother. my friend. and my brother in God, that will never die, fade, or go away. it will last forever.

    And you told me about your past though I will not speak of it. your regrets affected your life, that is clear to see. you said in the clear picture, but I couldent fit it together. But i know now what it was all about, and your sorry. though it would seem that you dont see the light yet. I want to help you find the light in this barren world filled with sorrow, and ill be here to help you in any way i can. open your clenched heart, and please tell me whats wrong.

    to both of you together, your sorrowful. and wish to get in the future, and leave the past behind. ive learned that not all scars and regrets can heal quickly. i know how it feels, so dont lock me out, let me in. and allow me to help nurse your wounds. as the best friend you both deserve. I want to show you the joy that being in the Lord brings, so stop hiding in this darkness. and come to the light, that can save you. the light that will forever love you. it always has.