• There is a hole in my heart,
    & it's grown wider since we've been apart.
    It's true, we've shared teriffic times,
    some mixed with rum, some mixed with wine.

    Yet here I stand wondering today,
    if I ever did have the strength to pay,
    it was'nt just a matter of a chair and a chip
    when it came to our relationship.
    I knew it would take a lot of sacrifice,
    now there's a hole in my heart and it does'nt feel nice.

    I wish I could just click on rewind,
    atleast to be able to look at those times,
    when You and I were walking solemn,
    now I just feel like I'm a walking golemn.

    Something somewhere is'nt right,
    it haunts me during the day
    and I get nightmares at night.
    Somehow I feel that while you pledge your love to me,
    You're out there in the company of someone not me.

    I question your heart and I question my mind,
    Did our sense of satisfaction not stand the test of time?

    A few nice words from someone and you melt into honey,
    it feels far worse than those girls who only look for money.
    There's so many things I'd want to ask you,
    but I think if I did, I would have already lost you.

    It's dark and I'm lonely and I have no respite.
    Somehow I think we're engaged in a silent fight.
    Now there's a hole in my heart and its bringing me sorrow,
    Darling please come home or I may not wake up tomorrow.