• WordBump And Normal Bump and Gaia Rap

    One minute you're on top
    Next you're not watching you drop
    Making your heart skip a beat and then stop
    Just before you gonna try again
    One minute you're on top and then suddenly it's all ******** up
    Next you're not and you're going crazy because at PinBall you missed a shot
    Making you're heart stop Because all you're Tokens are up.
    You think you've won finnally at zOMG
    But when you look good you're ropped And then it's all gone.

    Bump away for A need for the money.
    I need it like bears need honey.
    for some new clothes or parts for my car.
    i already have so much but i still need to go far.
    And when i do something illegal i get caught thanks to the Gaia Cops.
    Or when i finnally think i am lucky i lose again thanks to the Slots.
    And when i got the change of stop with kidding, I suddenly removed my Grip with Fishing.
    And the Jigsaw and Cards aren't really my luck.
    Franticly The Electric Love Faktori, Shocked me like What Tha ******** ?
    so i bump it again and again.
    just because i'm a Gaia Fan.
    leave a reply and i'll be happy.
    i still need to bump cause my avatar looks crappy.
    so bump bump ahead.
    you could do you homework In you're World....

    I Play Gaiaonline Instead.