• I thank God for what he has done
    he takes me trough life as his young butterfly
    he helps us with everything
    you pray and God answers to what you say
    thank god for everything

    We walk and talk and dont thank our God
    We act like God is not there
    But he spairs are life thank God
    so next time remember to thank God

    He spaired my life more than 20 times
    i was riding down a hill and almost got hit
    But still i thank God for what he has done for me
    So may be you should think of what he had done

    Thank God for people even if they make fun of you
    they can talk and act cool mean or whatever but still Thank God
    so i pray to god every night and think that he saved me
    thank God thnak Jesus Forever and all eternity
    thank God
    by GODs child,CDF

    Once there was this girl who lived in Vidalia,Georgia had just moved there one time a bully messed with her than her whole body went red and black fire around her. Everyone stepped back and scream ,and she just tried her best not to say mean bad things, then all of a suddenly she used the force to choke that ugly girl she swore and slamed her around and any one who came near got hurt besides Jason and Tamara calmed Chanaria down. She and Her friends jumped in the cars and took off they took a one way ticket to Hollywood,California and ended up being stars but soon the FBI were on their tail again and then started heading somewhere to be profesinal basketball players. They changed their names and let their hair grow and kept their big houses in beverly hills soon they will have to move in 3 years. She always used her powers fo all her jobs soon she settled down at th age of 12 and soon would be her 13 birthday May,16 2009. she was moving forever and ever. she dated this guy named Storm he found out that they all had powers he did too he could create storms and speak telepathically plus read Chanaria's mind ,his girlfriend,they had so much fun learnig how to control their powers soon they would have to fight a real big battle between them and the FBI.


    i love life