• The Sky is falling
    from out of this nothingness world
    talking about anything, talking about nothing
    watch the stars collide with the moon and burn into your skull
    falling into your face as you become one with the earth
    making no sense.. none at all
    the sun burns into the earth as we live thinking a perfect world
    absolutely nothing
    nothing is real nothing is reality
    open your mind dreams and live them
    you know what i mean
    watch the world go round and we come together in artistic harmony
    do you see them coming
    we are simply living organisms on this ever changing world
    rip open your soul so the world may see what your hiding
    beneath the overflowing sky
    wandering about in our everyday lives
    becoming more alive with every breath we take
    I'm racing with the clouds
    won't you come with me
    looking at nothing anymore
    absolute nothingness
    how amazing this feels to have no pain, no sorrow
    open your mouth like you open your mind
    with every word you say, let there be a soul to listen
    would they understand you if they looked into your mind
    or would they not see this and banish you from society
    an outcast to the world they live in
    so live your own world if they cant see it
    all this beauty
    it's like nothing makes any sense
    watch the moon talking
    you know what i mean
    you'll know what i meant
    stretch the wound
    give them something they weren't expecting
    completely out of the odds against their everyday routine world
    come out of this stupidity and become what you've dreamt of
    this is never going to die

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