• How could you do this to my heart?
    You had to go and shred it apart!
    I loved the times we spent together
    And I wish they would last forever.
    Somewhere things started to go wrong
    When I waited for your calls all night long.

    Then I faced my greatest fear
    Perhaps I wasn't your one-and-only dear.
    Maybe there was someone new
    With so many things you could do.
    The first was just an alarm
    But the second one caused me harm.

    You kissed a girl who wasn't me!
    Then all night I heard you plea
    That she was just a dumb mistake,
    And that I'm the one you want to take.

    You still want to be my friend
    Because you'll love me to the end.
    You were my four-leaf clover
    But I guess now it's just all over.