• The wind is whipping through my hair. My eyes are watery and full of tears. My legs feel like they could go on for miles. My breathing is getting heavier and faster.

    I'm running.

    Running through the open fields of freedom. Where no one cares who you are, or where your from. But they care about your freedom. They respect the fact that you aren't just some person who will follow orders like a dog and its master. Your free.
    The feeling of speeding down the fields, grass stains all over your shoes and pants.

    The freedom to be, be there running. Its fantastic. The sun is shining, the wind is softly blowing through the leaves on trees. Its peaceful. I stop to sit down by a big oak tree, and rest. My legs ache, my face is numb. Doesn't matter. Its a good kind of ache. A good kind of numb. To prove you're you, and no one can change that.

    People say that you should not run. That you should stay with the crowd and do whatever they do. Not me. I run with the wind. Run with the animals. Let my soul spill out and let my worries blow behind me. No, Im not running away, but I'm running to be free. To get a break, to get away from troubles.

    The birds fly above you. The animals run beside you. To be one with nature, to leave your human characteristics behind. To let your soul feel nature, and let her enter your body and take hold of your freedom, and show it to the world.

    I stand back up, Ive had my rest. Now I'm going to continue running.

    Continue running...Free...