• Through the times we all have,
    whether they be good or even bad.
    It can't compare to the war outside,
    as young children run and hide.

    We spend our days like nothing new,
    just focusing on me and you.
    As others starve and they also cry,
    we are worried about no tv tonight.

    So as we complain all through tonight,
    think of others who have no light.
    and close your eyes and look and see,
    has modern time taken over me?

    I know this sight is a lot to bare,
    but a lot of people handle it with care.
    So before you go and have your sleep,
    just think on back of those memories you keep.

    Because they are so rich and great,
    all of us must appreciate.
    And if you see between the lines,
    then you are not close to blind.
    So goodbye and i hope you see,
    why i made this poem be.