• Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump
    My heart beat unevenly. I couldn't breathe. I no longer enjoyed running. Running in the rain was even worst. Through the pouring rain, I couldn't see. The pitch darkness closed in on me. Nearly slipping on the cold wet ground, I was alone. But not for long. They would come for me. I knew they would.
    Until a week ago, I never knew how much I was worth. I was one human being among the other six billion. Until yesterday, I didn't know many things.
    For one, humans aren't the only ones who live among us.
    This thought made me run harder through the downpour. I desperately needed to rest but I had no time for that. More regrets on not taking track. I felt a quick jolt of pain. Glass. I was still barefoot.
    Perfect timing...
    Ignoring the pain the best I could, I ran. I could feel their approach. The strong presence of an army who was determined to destroy me. "This game has to end." they told me. My escape wasn't fortunate. They pursed in large numbers. One against 300. My chance of living didn't seem high. I flinched - there was no chance for me to live. They never had any survivors. Except for one seven years ago...
    Pain shot through me. Pain that I've never experienced before. I was caught like a deer in headlights. Screaming. A woman was screaming. Mom.
    Whispers rang throughout my ears. I automatically fell to the ground like any other victim. They caught up to me. My nightmares approached me - their dark form taking shape through the blackness of the night.
    Darkness swallowed me.