• One of the things I held close,
    Is one of the things killing me.
    Opening up for affection,
    has also left me open for pain.

    Conversations dead on arrival,
    have left me feeling empty.

    Wanting two things I love the most to be close,
    has cost me a friend.

    It feels like I'm being torn apart all over again.
    The deja vu that is playing out is sickening.

    The world is calling my name...

    Not a single expression of sadness or grief even written on your face.

    You said " I'm your friend", "you're my sister", and "I love you"
    When it really comes down to it,
    all I was and ever will be is
    a stage
    a thing,
    a empty shell passing through your life.

    Once I am gone,
    you won't care.

    All i am to you is a ghost,
    a shoulder to cry on,
    a "retard",
    something to take your frustrations out on.

    The friendly heart I gave to you is dead and weeping.

    Can it be revived?

    Your actions say no,
    I have hope.

    All the pain I have caused you with my stupidity,
    I want to heal
    I can't find it or even feel the evidence of it's existence.

    -Sukichan000- 11/17/08