• That necklace you gave me?
    I threw it away
    My friends have been trying to help me see
    That getting over you, should be happening every day
    The emails you sent?
    Are out of my in-box
    I'm giving you up, and not just for lent
    This is getting older than my oldest socks
    And that's pretty damn old
    The words you said?
    I'm quitting this turkey colder than cold
    'Cause all your s**t is flying outta my head
    You had me bought and sold
    Your unfunny jokes?
    Newsflash: Chuck Norris is over
    So stop telling them "Just for yolks"
    So duck and take cover
    You pull away to quickly when we kiss
    Your entranced by any girl with a decent sized cup
    So please don't take this as a dis
    Actually i don't care, just whatever you do, grow the ******** up!