• I'm stuck in the past, the good old days
    when things made sense, unshrouded by haze.
    I long for a time which is long in the past
    where smiles are constant and good things last.
    The pain and suffering that enshrouds my life
    causes me to fall into despair and strife.
    I'm constantly pushing the depression away
    knowing once I'm captured it'll be here to stay.
    It's an eternal fight and I know that now
    But I'll never give up, to that I vow.
    I'll always get up after being pushed down
    Keep above the sorrow, won't let myself drown.
    I may complain and whine and moan
    but don't worry about me, my path has been shown.
    I'll live my life through, to the end of It's days
    Accepting and embracing my wild crazy haze.