• you say your life means nothing
    but i know thats not true
    you say that you love me
    but how can you if you dont love yourself
    you say you want to die
    and i know you do
    but why do you want to die
    if you just hurt me
    how can you hurt the person you love most
    and that loves you just the same
    why do you hate the world
    ive tried to help you
    but you say you dont want it
    ive tried to make you happy
    but you just go hide
    why is it that you cant see
    the good things in life
    do you see me
    or am i as blank as the true meaning of life
    tell me what you see
    when you look at me
    am i truly here
    or am i invisible to you
    can you feel my pain and sorrow
    like i feel yours
    are you alive inside
    or are you dead like you want to be
    help me please
    im falling out of your heart
    you just look at me
    and are daring me to jump
    will you take my hand and save me
    or will you watch me die
    then go and kill yourself
    keep me in your heart
    because to you
    im the only one that cares