you wonder around blindly
    wat are you doing?
    your talking like you don't care
    wat will you become?
    you push people away coldly
    Why are you scared of getting close to anyone?
    you go through the day w/out a true smile
    Why are you like this?
    Your mad and angry every second
    or are you just confused?
    you space out for long periods of time
    What are you thinking?
    you secretly cry for help in your heart each night
    why don't you tell someone?
    you keep searching for something
    wat is it?
    no one knows or understands you
    who are you?
    you ponder these questions each day
    wen will they be answered?
    you don't know any answers but you keep on living
    you want to know and to be saved from the darkness that dwells around you
    who will be your savior?
    so you keep breathing on