• A bouncy rubber ball is so much like the game of life.
    Though it is small, the parallels are not so few...no way!
    They're both imperfect and have flaws; each like a tiny knife.
    It may seem like they cut quite deep; they only cut halfway.

    Life has its ups where you will smile and each day is a joy;
    And balls can bounce quite high; it seems up to the sky.
    Life also has its downs. You'll think, "It's all an evil ploy!"
    Plus balls can end their bouncing and kiss the sky a goodbye.

    But time will seem to stop in place and you can't seem to change
    Because you think you've lost. However, this is just a phase.
    You'll take the bouncy ball and think, "This all is really strange.
    Why can't I just let it all go? I need to douse this blaze."

    So when you're feeling sad or blue, go out to the front lawn
    And bounce that ball against the wall until those blues are gone.