• Did you see me today?
    I saw you.
    The golden sun in your hair,
    the rosey blush off your cheeks.

    I hear your heart crying,
    though you didn't see me,
    I was there,
    crying in tune with you.

    I watched you gaze through the window.
    Adoring the figurines of angels.
    I smiled when you bought one,
    you didn't notice me then either.

    You may never se me,
    or hear my whispers in your ear.
    I understand your busy.
    Life is too short to stop for me.

    Still I'll stay with you,
    'till time has had its end.
    I'll smile when you smile and cry when you cry,
    an I'll watch over you with every breath.

    You may never notice me,
    and even though I don't have wings as white as snow,
    or a halo of sparkling gold.
    If you let me...

    I will always be your guardian angel.