• Holding these broken shards in my hands
    Such a beautiful mess, he says
    I dare not touch you with these bloody fingers
    But I’m watching you slowly fade away

    Conflicted between you and the pieces of me
    I hold out my hands to you, pleading ‘stay’
    But touching me means certain injury
    You know, and you walk away

    Left here alone, my heart scattered on the ground
    Dragging the pieces to me, leaving trails of blood
    Alone again, with this destructive display
    And still, you just walked away

    Piecing the puzzle together with shaking fingers
    Missing parts and some splintered and too small
    Losing myself with every careless handling
    And still, you just walked away

    Not able to be what I once was
    The people around me watching me fall
    Nobody cares about the harm to another
    They just turn, and walk away