• First of all.
    Don’t write in fragments.
    Verbs placed should be correctly make sense or it won’t.

    It’s horrible when a pronoun is missing an antecedent,
    Don’t get I started about misplaced subjective pronouns.
    And, after the verb the predicate should be.

    Eye can’t bare to sea any moor homophones.
    Homonyms I can stand pretty well.
    Oh, but idioms drive me up a wall.

    Synonyms are a misuse and a mishandling of words
    Antonyms in the same sentence aren’t good – they’re bad.
    Semicolons are for lazy people; they should use contractions.

    Declarations have always been corny.
    You should do something about imperative sentences.
    And don’t get me started on exclamations!

    Writing iambs, I just can’t do.
    Linking verbs are almost never needed,
    and, those hackneyed rhymes are superfluous too.

    I don’t think I’d want
    any haiku about me.
    The words don’t flow well.

    Commas, shoul,d, ,never, b,e, ov,er,used,
    It’s known that apostrophes make words possessive
    And those run-on sentences are bad, comma splices are bad too.

    Assonance allows art to appear not at all astonishing,
    boring repetitions repeatedly repeat repeats,
    and silly slant rhymes people always are propounding.

    Mixing a simile and a hyperbole would be like doomsday.
    Satire is to funny as analogies are to torture.
    Consequently, creating alliteration comes close to cruelty.

    So, if you don’t understand how to write good
    Especially if your handwriting is bad –
    Thenm u can alwaqys usae a conpuyter 2 help!!1 smile