• “It’s a matter of time before we all run out”
    A phrase we all know and love.
    A phrase that’s proven everyday,
    Because time flies faster than a dove.
    But when we’re Broken time goes cautiously slow.
    You fidget and you whine,
    And that is when you know,
    You are Broken deep inside.
    So you fake a smile through every day,
    No one sees the Pain you hide,
    As you slowly fade away.
    It gets deeper and colder,
    Until only Darkness is in sight.
    You start to panic,
    For you cannot find any light.
    You’re stuck in nothingness,
    And you try to escape.
    A meaningless effort;
    You have met your Fate.
    Slow and Painful?
    Or Quick and Easy?
    Your heart starts racing,
    Before it stops beating…
    Your mind wanders off,
    As your life slips away.
    You wish to be spared,
    So you begin to Pray.
    No use, it isn’t helping…
    Death is coming near.
    This is the life of someone Broken,
    Someone that Disappeared…