• It started in the car in the parking lot
    some boys thought it would funny to yell my name
    when i heard i looked up
    and i saw you
    so i got out of the car to say hi
    but you screamed at me to get back into the car
    i didn't know why
    but before i could say anything else
    one of the boys hit you and
    knocked you to the ground
    and the other two slammed me
    up against the car and hit me
    then they took out a knife and scratched my face
    then you came to your senses and got up
    you ran toward me and attacked the boys
    and got a really bad cut on you're hand
    then they ran away
    terrified of what you would do to them
    and then you collapsed on the ground
    in front of me
    i tried to get enough strength to breathe
    and then I fell to the ground
    next to you
    i ripped the sleeve of my shirt and
    wrapped it around you're hand to try and stop the bleeding
    someone nearby saw and called an ambulance
    I stayed next to you
    and never left you're side
    then two ambulances came
    you were rushed to the hospital in one
    and i went in the other
    mine didn't leave right away though
    the ambulance driver wanted to ask me a question
    he asked me what had happened and this is what I said
    he had tears in his eyes when he heard my story
    and then closed the doors and we left
    when we got to the hospital i asked where you were
    i wanted to know if u were ok
    they said not to worry
    but that's when i worry the most
    before departing the ambulance driver asked me my name
    my name
    my name i said
    I told him my name and he repeated it and
    left the room
    the doctors worked to cover my cuts
    and treat my bruises and cuts
    I eventually passed out
    until morning when i woke up to you're smiling face
    right in front on mine
    I tried to get up but just fell back down
    with shooting pains going through me
    when you said to lay down and rest on not to get up
    but I wanted to
    I wanted to get up and give you a big hug
    you saved my life
    I immediately asked if you were alright
    but you were silent
    you just starred into my eyes and said
    you're the one who saved my life
    and then wiped a single tear running down
    my face
    and kissed me
    I started to cry
    when you told me not too
    and you stayed there next to me that morning
    and all day and night
    you held my hand with you're bandaged hand
    it hurt
    but you didn't care
    we were together and that's all that mattered
    that night you asked me
    and I said yes
    with a single rose in the vase nest to us
    on the table
    when you said