• A young Boy has yet to learn
    He also has much to earn
    The child name is Michael
    He is looking for love
    But he has much, much to overcome

    Day after day he would
    Repeat to him self
    "where is love is it between me or
    between all of me"

    Love has yet to come
    but far to go
    sacrifices have to be made

    He looks at life
    as if it was Romeo and
    Juliet, his love has not to come
    but a whisper has speaken to him

    "You are making a mistake, love is a
    big responsibility"
    It tears Michael heart out to hear that .

    The whisper comes back and says
    "Giving up your life for love will bring
    you lots of courage but little faith"
    Now Micheal is full of hate

    Who says one has to choose between love
    And life, why can't the world live with both
    A voice is heard from a fair distance
    A fair lady has come on a white horse

    It's his love of course
    Michael is thankful, so he starts his own poem

    "Thank You Lord for everything
    Thank You for which heart filt
    songs you have us sing
    once again Thank You for everything"

    His Fair lady has rose into his eyes
    To her they light up the sky
    He fells the same
    But could this whole thing be a game