• heart heart heart Love heart heart heart

    Love is something that happens to everyone,
    even if you want it or not. smile
    Love is one of the main feelings u need,
    and it’s something that everyone got. 3nodding

    Love is something you can’t describe,
    but it makes you feel happy all the time.
    You babble random words when you want to impress,
    And rather than that the person thinks you’re a mess. sweatdrop

    When the person you love doesn’t know,
    but everyone else knows about it.
    You blush and smile when the person is close,
    but at the same time you try to hide it. redface

    If you love someone, and don’t know
    if they love you back, it doesn’t matter,
    because you are the one in love
    and love is for everyone. wink