• Love is like a flower so soft against the skin
    wondering why you not here with me it hurts deep within
    i look up at the stars at night wishing you were here
    looking back on the memories is my deepest fear crying
    i asked god why he took you he said it was your time
    because people you thought were your friends committed a crime
    05.23.07 was the day that you went
    not knowing what had happened people had a fit
    i will never forget the look on your mama's face when they told her it was you
    she screamed and cried not knowing what to do crying
    just no each day she holds you close to her heat
    that way you and her will never be apart
    i will never forget the day you leave me behind just remember
    to wait for me at the gates when it is my time heart

    May 18, 1992.
    The smiles, laughs and love we thank-you.
    May 23, 2007.
    Sweet Jordan Manners went to heaven.