• When I look in those deep soft eyes, I feel alive inside.
    Just one glance, and I feel I have fallen head over heels.
    Some say it's love,
    Some say it's just a friend thing.
    But I say it's both.
    The rumor spread out,
    That I was in love with the class clown himself.
    All those hurtful jokes,
    from him and the rest,
    Just caused me to love him more.
    I can't help but laugh when he makes a rude comment, or joke.
    I am not letting go of him.
    I wish to feel his lips pressed against mine,
    and life to be easier.
    It's impossible though.
    He hates me,
    But I still cling.
    It's like a test,
    Just to see who's the best of the girls.
    Many people have already crushed their own dreams,
    When I say,
    I've been here all along, not you.
    People say I should just let go of my dreams and let them fly...
    But if I do...
    I know I'll always came crawling back.
    I say he's the one.
    The only one.
    Maybe so...
    I have a thirty percent chance.
    Not even half.
    My chances are slim.
    Mostly because of the girl he loves.
    It's not me.