• Malevolent Pain

    Wrap that infected thing you call a heart.
    Let me grip it, squeeze it.
    Pray to God it doesn’t start!

    I’ll drape my strings…
    Pull them tight,
    Oh the malevolent sting
    Ever lasting pain…
    Ever so right…

    Damnation’s Merry-Go-Round

    Damnation’s Merry-Go-Round
    Spitting fire from the horses
    Black as night they creak as they bob on blood covered spears
    Disfigured bodies cram the carriages
    Familiar as a ghost
    Horrible the smell
    Nauseating the feeling
    The sky is red and sagging
    The ground is cracked the same
    Mirrors along the rides core
    Show everything you fear the most
    Crying does not good
    Tear fade in the intense heat
    Death is not an option
    For you, there is no defeat.
    Eternally you ride the train from hell
    Soon you lie among them.
    You’re friends never made
    Until the next one comes
    To bad.
    Another one unsaved.

    Good Things Come to Those Who Wait… Right?

    Bring your salvation to those who wait
    Skin dangling from their deteriating bodies as they wait in agony.
    Wait a little longer for
    Good things always come to those who wait
    Wait through the famine
    Wait through you're dying friends.
    Good things come to those who wait.
    Wait as you feel your flesh burn
    Inch by in in eternal agony
    Watch as your life slowly looses meaning.
    Watch as you slowly loose your life.
    But good things come to those who wait