• “Don’t forget the oil.”

    “What’s the oil for?”

    “The Tin Man.”

    “Well doesn’t he need a heart too?”

    “Yea. I don’t have one either.”

    “You don’t have a heart? Well you can have mine.”


    “Yea, I’ll give you mine.”

    “Ok. Guitar strings.”

    “What about guitar strings? You want my heart with guitar strings?”

    “Yea, suspended from the sky.”

    “Suspended from the sky? Ok.”

    “Yea, so that when it beats, it will play a tune…”

    I’ll suspend my heart from the sky
    For all to see as they walk by
    Hanging there, perched in the heavens
    Glistening gloriously, displayed beautifully

    A unique and wonderful request
    My heart belongs to you now, given lovingly
    This is my ultimate show of loyalty
    Playing a song perfected to move your soul

    A song that plays only as long as the heart beats
    One that will go on even if we no longer live
    Performing for eternity, our beings combined
    Dancing happily into forever by each others side

    Warm sunny rays bouncing off the shiny strings
    The cast off creating a series of rainbows
    Barely visible enough for the eye to see
    But when they’re caught, shine magnificently

    I’ll suspend my heart from the sky
    Frozen there even after we die
    Forever playing a delightful tune
    To show always, this is what I’ve done for you