• How we have lost.
    We have been fooled,
    By everyone we know.
    Just going along with everything we said.
    But you were a liar.
    And I was blind.
    I didn't even bother to look at your face
    As you fed me these lines from a script.
    "I love you more than the world."
    I didn't believe it.
    I fell in your arms.
    I wasn't really caught.
    I fell straight into harm.
    My life is a lie.
    A mere web of lies.
    And you are the spider.
    Swiftly spinning more and more,
    While I'm sitting elsewhere,
    Seeing nothing.
    This girl you have sitting in your arms,
    She is not going to last.
    She'll fall apart.
    And die inside.
    Just like before.
    The way she feels,
    Can't be expressed through words.
    She really didn't believe you,
    With you words filled with false love.
    And she ran.
    As far as she could before she broke down
    On the side of the highway.
    Tears flowing from her eyes.
    And she cried.
    Just like before.
    She will never learn.
    I will never learn.
    Will I?