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    I woke up ready to call your phone
    I was scared to call cause you might not be alone.
    I took my time thinking of you
    i also wondered if you thought of me too.
    i finally started to dail you up
    when my phone just died, what my luck.

    I stare at your picture up on my wall
    i knew i was in-love so i wanted to fall.
    When i see your face i get all shy
    I would say to myself "He's the right guy"

    I watch you from afar talking with friends
    when i shortly realize how kind you are within.
    I got the courage to talk to you
    i wanted to be the one to say "i do"

    When we sat together in class alone
    I just wanted to kiss you all night long.
    I smiled when you saw my face
    i wanted to say "this is my place"

    When you call my name i stop to see
    your face you body is what i need
    to see you with that girl all day
    i wish it could be another way.

    I want you to be happy so i can smile
    thats why i never picked up or dialed.
    I'm scared i'll do something wrong
    and it will hurt you for so so long

    i wanted to be the one with you
    so i watch you and her get closer then we do
    i know now we cant be together
    so i want you to be happy forever

    I'm not anything like her or anyone else
    i want you to see me for myself!
    I heard her voice say my name
    look at me im to blame.

    Shes for you and im not
    i wonder if i'll ever be on your top
    the moment i felt i had to wait
    that was the moment i KNEW she's a fake!

    If you cannot love me for being me
    maybe your not the one for me
    i want you to know i love you so much
    why not test your luck of just!

    I know you second guess me now
    i want you to know you'll never frown
    i want to tell you from my heart
    i love you dearly were never apart!

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