• You've taken my heart.
    But You've had it from the start.
    And only now does that matter.
    As a result I'm falling apart.

    There is no hope.
    For a fresh start.
    I'll stay home and mope.
    As you look at the stars.

    And maybe think to yourself.
    Where it all went wrong.
    But you knew it all along.
    So just listen to my song.

    Do hear the cries.
    That would last through the night.
    And burn my soul.
    Into depression mode.

    Take it all in.
    The sweet sighs within.
    That we both used to share.
    Vulnerable and unprepared.

    Look at me.
    What do you see.
    Please tell me.
    Give me a reason to believe.

    So once more.
    Oh yes only once more.
    Please oh please.
    Come back and love me.