• [Mae:]
    A dream so real.
    Who was that person,
    Calling out my name....?

    You said there was more.
    So much more.
    It feels like
    I don't know myself.
    How could she
    Know so much about me?

    Could it be
    that this perfect life was all a lie?
    Could it be...
    is there more to the story?

    You know what you are.
    You just have to remember it.
    There's a world beyond this life
    A history woven through time
    You've only scratched the surface.
    There's so much more to see.

    What's this sudden feeling?
    The fear, the pain, the suffering,
    I've caused it all.
    It feels like
    I'm being pulled away from home.
    I want to know
    I have to know...
    Who am I?