• I love the feeling,
    The sensational numb.
    To feel transparent, like a ghost,
    Invisible, bulletproof.
    For every tear I drop,
    Another pill I pop,
    To wipe my fears away;
    In solitude I stay.
    The trees and shadows sway,
    The darkness cast on me.
    The world is spinning.
    I freeze in still life--
    Grayscale portrait of reality,
    Caught in a storm,
    Remains motionless.
    Violent winds slash beautiful nature,
    Rain impales the atmosphere,
    Stabs my skin,
    Portrayed on canvas.
    The paint runs.
    I feel cold,
    But each raindrop,
    I cannot sense/
    Equilibrium shatters.
    Everything fades.
    Tears stain my face,
    When I awake.
    My sorrow and fear,
    Everlasting, incurable.
    Still here.