• you allways lie
    to sleep at night
    you alwats deny
    that nothings wrong
    you let me fall
    so far down
    I cant be found

    what do see
    when you look me
    an empty shell
    you took anger
    just like a drainer
    you took away me

    if you dont care
    only one thing to do
    i'll runaway
    to a place
    a place of no return
    you'll know you wrong
    now that im gone

    you will wake screaming
    cause you see me when you dreaming
    you regret it all
    now you will fall
    you will look in the mirror
    with pain and fear
    because you dont know what you see
    you wiil feel what its like to be me

    im going to
    to a place
    you will regret it all
    you know your wrong
    now that im gone

    im going to runaway
    it to late to say
    whats need to be said
    im gone
    im gone
    im gone