• Bliss
    Upon the stage with the lights so bright.
    Many wait upon my entrance.
    I suck up the guts and take my leap.
    Before me is my partner, kneeling at my feet.
    Slowly he stands and gently takes my hand.
    We begin our dance to the clapping of our fans.
    The lights are quite blinding and my leotard somewhat tight,
    But nothing can stop a dance of love.
    I soon begin spinning.
    I did thirty-six pirouettes.
    My partner’s hand left my side not once through it all.
    Then he lifted me up into the air
    And we span around with care.
    My fears from before had been lost from my sight
    Along with the audience and most of the light.
    When I came back to the ground I paid no notice
    To the pain in my toe, for Pointe shoes are painful, I know.
    Our eyes met again and we continued to dance
    For Pas De Deux is the dance of romance.
    After we finished we took our bows
    And my simple curtsy complimented my gown.
    And all this had been done up on stage;
    A place of the arts.
    In the midst of the light, I dance
    The bliss of being alive.