• Hospital Bed

    take it easy
    take it slow
    you don’t know how fast life will go.

    do you rush from place to place?
    Not leaving any time or space.

    When you ask someone “how are you”,
    Do you even here the answer

    take it slow
    take that dance

    If someone asks,
    take the chance

    Risk it all
    Or stay to the side

    The tide is low
    So take it slow

    No matter where your life may go.

    Thump thump, thump thump,
    Do you here that beat?

    The sound of a heart in defeat

    Slower and slower, the heart beat goes
    Where it stops,
    Nobody knows

    The slower it goes the more pain you feel,
    the less you eat, the worse you become

    Only wish your life were done.

    Thump, thump
    You see the beat

    Tube running through your body,
    Only to treat the pain

    For once you have cancer,
    There is no second chance.

    The best you can do,
    Is finish this trance

    And help find a cure
    to protect others form this dance