• The Ocean

    Have you seen the ocean?
    It's the brightest blue,
    And sparkles brilliantly,
    Reflecting off the sunlight.
    Waves foam at the tips.
    Crashing down, flying in all directions.

    Can you smell the ocean?
    It smells like fresh breezes,
    Tainted with salt.
    Clean, light.

    Can you taste the ocean?
    It tastes shockingly salty,
    To burn and somehow soothe your tongue.
    Like fresh tears.

    Have you felt the ocean?
    It tickles when you’re in the shallow end,
    Washing over your feet.
    Calming when you swim in,
    Carefully closing in on you.

    Have you heard the ocean?
    It's waves crashing,
    Making claps on the shore.
    You can hear seagulls above,
    Squawking above.

    I haven't been to the ocean in a long time,
    But it one of those things that I like to remember.
    So, I try. Try to remember.
    All I have to do is close my eyes,
    And I see the ocean again.

    The Leaves

    Leaves of every color soar,
    Floating in a strong wind,
    Creating a blur of Greens,
    And Browns.

    They play in the wind,
    A slight rustle in their wake,
    Crashing into each other,
    Careless and Free.

    Until the wind dies.
    The leaves stop their games,
    Falling slowly to the ground,
    And dead.

    A Candle

    Atop a lavender pillar of wax,
    A bright flame burns,
    Casting a soft glow,
    In a dim room.

    The flame dances,
    Flickering slightly,
    Swaying to and fro,
    Shivering gleefully.

    A child watches the light,
    Eyes reflect the graceful flame.
    Wonderment and joy are felt,
    As the boy breathes in a silent warmth.

    The night wears on,
    Though one window is lit,
    With a small,