• Every night, I keep dreaming of you.
    I really am lost and don't know what to do.

    I tell myself to forget everything.
    But thinking of how things used to be,
    Makes my heart feel this tingling sting.
    I only wish that you could see.

    What you do to me.
    How much I miss how things used to be.

    I know that I should move on.
    And that I should just stay strong.

    But I cant help but keep dreaming.
    That you'll be with me sleeping.

    You'll never know how my mind works.
    Hiding my feelings behind all those nasty smirks.

    Pretending that I cannot stand how you are.
    But I'm in too deep, I'm in too far.

    I never realized how perfect you were.
    Until now, it was all just a big blur.

    I really miss you.
    All I have now, is those tears in the tissue.

    My heart is aching.
    For all those good features that I was mistaking.