• Time goes by day by day and all I do is remember that day.

    Laughter and joy filled the air on our horse ride under a never ending sky.

    The sky was blue and your arms were glued around my sides...

    For hours and hours all we done was ride and the feelings that followed felt so right.

    It didn't matter what would happen because this was our first ride.

    The birds are singing and the wind is whistling through the trees it keeps on bringing.

    The horse at a trot I begin to plot many things that didn't flop.

    The wind in our face and a smile on your face I knew nothing could be better that out around this place.

    As you hold me I feel your heart beating like the drum I played as my own heart.

    Seven hours of that day we held each other closer than the ocean holds the bay.

    Remember our ride and I always tried to give you something you can never buy...