• She is gone.
    No more.
    Emotions overflow to my eyes.
    Enveloping darkness, in pain, I cry.
    Why did she think she was inadequate?
    She knew I needed her.

    Now all I have is him.
    The drunk, addicted, irrascible father.
    My spirit's broken.
    Old wounds re-opened.
    He is really not a father at all.
    Just a body...he has no soul.
    Always taking that lethal substance.
    He never thinks.
    So numb from all the drugs.
    Never feels...

    I recollect the memories, remembering what used to be.
    I mournfully long for the past, my pain is indescribable.
    I wish she was still here.

    Drowned in darkness.
    Darkness faded to light.
    The pain is gone.
    I'm with her again.